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Provincial Nominee Program – Yukon Nominee Program (YNP)

The Yukon Nominee Program is operated jointly by the Government of Yukon and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to invite qualified, skilled workers and business persons from abroad.

Prospective immigrants with their dependent family members are nominated for permanent residency to the federal government.

If you wish to reside, work, do business and live in Yukon, you can apply for the YNP. It consists of many immigration streams including but not limited to:

Skilled Worker

In this skilled worker program, Yukon employers can identify specific foreign nationals who are employed in National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Levels including 0, A, or B. They can sponsor these skilled workers for permanent residency in Canada.

Yukon Express Entry (YEE)

In this program, Yukon employers have access to IRCC’s Express Entry pool of candidates to fill their vacant job positions that are not getting filled with permanent residents or Canadian citizens. If you have a valid full-time employment offer from a Yukon employer, you can apply for this immigration category.

Critical Impact Worker

The Critical Impact Worker Program is an employer-driven immigration stream in which a valid job offer is required to apply. It helps Yukon employers to identify foreign nationals working or having experience in an unskilled or semi-skilled occupation with high demand. If you have the necessary skills and a valid permanent full-time job offer, you can apply under this program.

Business Nominee

If you are a business person planning to settle down and do business in Yukon, apply under the Business Nominee program. Its eligibility criteria include but is not limited to:

  • Score more than 65 points as per the assessment grid
  • Must have passed high school or higher education level if required for your business
  • Possesses at least three years of business management or entrepreneurial experience;
  • Possess a minimum of five years of relevant work experience;
  • Should not be a refugee or have an active application for refugee status with the Canadian Government;
  • You must not have been denied immigration by the Canadian Government;
  • No other provincial or territorial nominee program application should be ongoing;
  • Own a personal net worth of a minimum of CAD 500,000 verified by a Yukon accounting firm for its legal validity;
  • Maintain at least CAD 300,000 in liquid assets including but not limited to bonds, cash, and cash derivatives verified by a Yukon accounting firm for its legal validity;
  • Possess an intent to settle down and live permanently in Yukon with your dependent family members
  • Demonstrate the plan to invest a minimum of CAD 300,000 in capital investments for business in the first 2 years (investment should be used wholly for the business such as equipment and not partially such as a house or a vehicle)
  • The proposed business should be an active investment, including a newly set up venture or a purchase of an existing Yukon business. It should be a part of the eligible strategic business list and not be a passive investment
  • The prospective business should not be in the ineligible business list

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We will support you to apply for the Yukon Nominee Program. If you meet the YNP requirements and get nominated, you can become a Canadian permanent resident with your dependents. Call us today to get a no-obligation free consultation with our diverse team that speaks more than 15 languages including Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Albanian, Italian, Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali.