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Canadian Study Permit – Student Visa Application, Extension of Stay

Choosing to study in Canada can be one of the best decisions of your life.

Canada is a culturally diverse country with warm and welcoming atmosphere for students from across the world. Globally recognized Universities, Colleges  and learning institutions makes Canada a world-class education and life skills you deserve.

Study permit leads the way to obtain the post-graduate work permit, enabling you to stay in Canada and find suitable work opportunities. Gain valuable experience, build professional network in some of the best cities in Canada. The valued education and experience can support your application for Canadian Permanent Residence to fast-track.

Why Study in Canada

Canada offers international students a multiplicity of experiences and vast opportunities to learn and grow. The education system of Canada is unparalleled with world-class universities and colleges situated across Canada’s many provinces.

Few advantages of studying in Canada include:

  • Multicultural learning experience and environment
  • One of the most peaceful and safest study destinations in the world
  • Stable political, social and economic environment
  • Consistently ranked by UN as one of the most livable countries worldwide
  • Studying in Canada can be beneficial and makes you eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residency
  • World class, higher education standards and its educational qualifications are at par with other study destinations like UK, USA, Europe
  • Education and related expenses are quite affordable if compared to other leading study destinations like the US or UK
  • Study permit allows Indian students to work part-time along with their education
  • Indian students are allowed to work for one year, post completion of their program and can apply for a post-graduation work permit after that
  • Growing Indian student community in Canada offers help and support
  • Provincial and federal student assistance programs are available to guide you
  • Canadian scholarships programmes are present to support you with financial aid

Indian students in Canada

The number of international students in Canada is consistently growing at a fast pace.
With over 25% of all international students in Canada are from India, you will surely have a sense of familiarity if you choose Canada for your study.

Cost of Education and Living in Canada

Though studying in Canada has numerous benefits, you may want to compare the cost of education and living in Canada.

Canada is considered as one of the world’s highly sought-after destinations for international students. Study programs in Canada are comparatively affordable if compared to other popular countries.

Learning institutions in Canada have their own fees structure, and tuition fees vary based on many criteria like the specific program, course of study, the level of study-undergraduate or postgraduate, and much more.

Statistics Canada mentions that an average undergraduate tuition fee for an international student in the 2017-2018 is approximately USD 20, 540 per year. Science, technology and medical programs tend to have higher tuition fees in the range of USD 23,340 per year.

At the postgraduate level, program tuition fees are different based on the programs and course of study with average fee being USD 13,250 in the academic year 2017-2018.

Comparison with India Education Programs

The costs of education and living in Canada are on the higher side as compared to India. Various private research reports state an average postgraduate program in India ranging from 1-2 years shall cost anywhere around US $ 4000 per year.

Fees are generally lower than international standards, and they can vary between different universities and whether the learning institution is a public or private one.
Cost of living is also cheaper in India, and the currency conversion makes everything costlier in Canada.

Application Process for Studying in Canada

The primary requirement of when applying for a Canadian study permit is to have a valid student status in Canada. This status is received once you get accepted into a designated learning institution in Canada.

Adequate documentation is needed as proof of appropriate financial resources to support your education and related expenses. Though you will receive financial support from your family in India, you can consider taking up a job in Canada. All full-time students in approved educational programs are eligible to work a part-time job during the academic year and full-time in the scheduled study breaks.

As an international student, you are also eligible for scholarships and bursaries by selected colleges and universities.

Medical examination:

A medical examination is part of the application process for any international student wishes to stay and study in Canada for more than six months. A designated physician examines and submits your medical test report for the study permit application.

Provincial health coverage:

Provincial health coverage is not available to international students. Once you reach Canada, it is advantageous to take a private insurance policy for your stay in Canada. This policy will cover you for all medical emergencies and health issues.

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