Super Visa

Parent & Grandparent Super Visa

The Super Visa helps parents or grandparents to come to Canada and live for an extended duration without having to renew their status frequently.

Know More About the Super Visa

The visit visa rules usually allow a visitor to stay in Canada for a maximum duration of six months. If the visitor wants to extend the stay, then an extension needs to be applied for. The process of this extension has its process which requires documentation and processing fees.

The Super visa is a travel document which authorizes its holder to stay in Canada for up to two years in one entry with no renewals needed. It also allows multiple entries and exits in the maximum duration of ten years.

Eligibility requirements for Visa

Any parent or grandparent applying for Super Visa needs to provide the necessary documentation:

  • Relationship proof document depicting parent or grandparent status with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Fulfill all visit visa requirements to enter Canada
  • Minimum income threshold must be met by the child or grandchild in Canada
  • Documentation provided by child or grandchild that they will financially support the parent or grandparent
  • Purchase of minimum $100,000 medical insurance valid for at least one year from a private
  • Canadian insurance company covering hospitalization, treatment and repatriation
  • Medical examination may be required
  • Explicit documentation to support ties to home country for the parent, grandparent
  • Supporting documents to confirm the purpose of visit, financial status
  • Invitation letter from child, grandchild in Canada

Common reasons for Super Visa application rejection

Let’s look at the reasons for rejection of a Super Visa application:

  • Inadmissibility into Canada due to a criminal record
  • Incomplete or inaccurate information mentioned in the application (facts concealed, misrepresented)
  • Relationship proof not clearly present or is inadequate, or no documentation is provided
  • Health status – being unwell, or undergoing treatment for a serious illness

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