Letter of Invitation

Invitation Letter – Canadian Visitor Visa, Sponsorship Letter

When you make an application for a visitor visa, a letter of invitation is advisable. Most often, the Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada (IRCC) specifically request for a letter of invitation to be submitted along with the visitor visa application.

Even thought, the letter of invitation does not guarantee your Canadian visa, it serves to strengthen your case. Ultimately, the immigration officer accessing your case, reviews your application and supporting documents thoroughly as per Canada’s immigration regulations and then arrives at a decision.

A person with proper legal status in Canada can issue the letter of invitation. A permanent resident or a Canadian citizen can issue such a letter for their friends and family members also known as sponsorship letter. An acquaintance can also issue a letter of invitation, though no relationship proof is required.

What does a Letter of Invitation contain?

There is some primary information that should be included in an invitation letter. This letter should be written in good faith and does not make you legally responsible for the visitor in any manner. Once this letter is ready, it should be given to the invitee who then submits it with the Temporary Resident Visa documentation to the Canadian Embassy or a consulate outside Canada.

Basic personal and professional information about the invitee should be included in the letter. It should clearly mention their contact details, their relationship to the invitee and the purpose and duration of the visit.

Personal, professional and communication details of the person extending the invitation should be present in the letter.

For the super visa invitation letter, the information about the Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident needs to be more detailed. Financial support and income proof are other additional documents required in cases of sponsorship letter for parents or grandparents Super Visa.

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