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It is important to consult with a lawyer to assess your unique situation and determine whether you have a valid claim for personal injury compensation. Although every situation is different, if you have suffered an injury, it may be worth exploring your legal rights and options. Our law firm offers an initial consultations to provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

If you have been injured in a car accident, you will be entitled to Statutory Accident Benefits which cover medical treatment, therapy, and a minimum level of income replacement, regardless of who caused the accident. Additionally, if another party’s actions contributed to your injuries, you may be able to pursue a claim for compensation for pain and suffering, as well as lost income beyond what is covered by Statutory Accident Benefits.

If you were mostly at fault for the car accident, you will still be entitled to receive Statutory Accident Benefits. Additionally, you could be eligible for benefits from other sources such as workplace or private insurance policies. In situations where you are 99% responsible for the accident, but another party is just 1% responsible for your injuries, you may have the option to pursue a claim against them. Contact us to arrange a free consultation to assess your case and determine what options are available to you.

Statutory Accident Benefits are a form of insurance coverage that is mandatory for all car owners in Ontario. These benefits are available to anyone who has suffered injuries from a car accident, regardless of whether they were driving the car, a passenger, or a pedestrian.  These benefits are available to anyone injured in a car accident, regardless of who may have been at fault. You are entitled to claim these benefits even if you do not have car insurance yourself. Statutory Accident Benefits typically offer limited coverage for income replacement, medical and rehabilitation expenses, caregiver costs, housekeeping and home maintenance expenses, as well as death and funeral benefits.

If your injuries were not caused by the use of a motor vehicle, you would not be eligible to claim Statutory Accident Benefits. However, if you have certain workplace or private insurance policies, you may have access to comparable benefits. Our lawyers can review any policies you have and provide guidance on the types of benefits that may be available to you.

If it can be established that another party’s actions or negligence resulted in your injury, even if they were only 1% at fault, you may have grounds to file a claim against them. Claims can arise from a wide range of situations, including slip and falls on ice or snow, falls caused by poor maintenance or cleaning, insufficient lighting leading to hazards, undisclosed dangers, faulty products, inadequate supervision, and more. As every case is unique, we offer a free initial consultation to evaluate your circumstances and determine whether you have a valid claim.

You should contact a lawyer as soon as you can following your injury. In many cases, there are time limits that apply, including notice requirements to those who may be liable for your injury and deadlines for commencing legal action. As legal professionals, we are well-versed in these time limitations and will ensure that you comply with them. By contacting us promptly, we can avoid unnecessary delays and begin gathering evidence to build a strong case on your behalf.

To get in touch with us, just give a call to 647-951-6200. If there’s no lawyer available to speak at the moment, just inform the receptionist and we will get back to you.

If you are unable to leave your home, are hospitalized, or have a job that prevents you from meeting during regular business hours, we can make arrangements to accommodate your situation. We can meet with you at your home, hospital or schedule a meeting outside of regular business hours. Please contact us and let us know your situation so we can make arrangements that work best for you.

To avoid the stress of legal fees we utilize a contingency fee arrangement, better known as “no win, no fee”. You do not have to pay for fees, disbursements, or taxes unless we are able to successfully obtain a settlement or judgement for you. We are so confident in our ability to effectively represent you and obtain a monetary recovery that if you do not recover monies, we write off your complete account and you will owe us nothing.

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