In Toronto and the GTA, real estate lawyers and their clients have grappled with climbing housing prices for several years. Both the federal and provincial governments have taken steps to cool Southern Ontario’s housing market, and now Ottawa appears ready to back away from a campaign pledge that it believes would exacerbate the problem. During … Read more

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On December 1, 2017, benchers of the Law Society of Upper Canada voted to expand the scope of paralegals in family law matters. This was in part a response to an earlier report commissioned by the law society and the provincial government to improve upon access to justice measures available to an increasing number of … Read more

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Title insurance, which protects homeowners against losses related to their property’s title or ownership, has been widely embraced by real estate lawyers in Ontario, wrote Dale Smith in a recent Law Times article. The widespread adoption of title insurance has made life simpler for lawyers and improved the affordability of legal services for their clients. … Read more

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In late October, David Marshall, perhaps Ontario’s leading auto insurance expert, sat down with Don Forgeron of the Insurance Bureau of Canada for a discussion at the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) annual convention. Their talk touched on several facets of the province’s auto insurance system that concern Ontario personal injury lawyers. David Marshall … Read more

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Now that you have set your clocks back and are hopefully benefiting from an additional hour of rest, it is time to make adjustments to your payment schedule for ongoing child support obligations. According to the Department of Justice website,, the Federal Child Support Tables have been updated to reflect more recent tax rules. … Read more

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For many people, cellphones are an extension of their body, and walking while texting has become commonplace. This seemingly simple act however, is not without its dangers. The dangers became even more salient and exacerbated when the “Pokeman Go” video game reached it’s height of popularity. Heightened focus on your phone reduces awareness of your … Read more

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Posthumous Conception occurs when the child is conceived and born after the death of the parent. This can now occur due to advances in reproductive technologies in the field of medicine. Under certain circumstances, children conceived posthumously are entitled to inherit and receive support from the estate of the deceased parent or his or her … Read more

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On November 1 the Government of Canada tabled a three-year immigration strategy featuring annual immigration level increases which will bring nearly a million newcomers to the country by the end of 2020. The plan was met with mixed, though generally favourable, responses from stakeholders ranging from immigration lawyers to opposition politicians. “Our government believes that … Read more

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Earlier this month, we covered the Liberal Party of Canada’s new tax plan and outlined how the proposed changes could affect entrepreneurs and Ontario business lawyers. We also noted that Finance Minister Bill Morneau seemed open to revising the plan amid an uproar from business owners who feared their tax burdens would increase. In the … Read more

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On October 17, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OFSI), Canada’s top banking regulator, released new mortgage industry guidelines with far-reaching implications for prospective homebuyers, real estate lawyers, and the Canadian housing industry. Under the new rules, mortgage providers will be required to “stress test” all borrowers of uninsured loans, an expansion of … Read more

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