Appeals – Canadian Immigration Decisions

If your immigration application to Canada gets refused, you have several options available.
You may have options to challenge the visa officer’s decision by way of an appeal before the Immigration Appeals Division or by filing an application for Leave before the Federal Courts.

What are the Options if Canadian Immigration Application Gets Refused?

If your Canadian immigration application is refused, you can make an appeal to challenge negative decisions made by an immigration officer including but not limited to:

You may also challenge negative decisions made by officers issuing Refusal of Permanent Resident Travel Document or Applicant Removal orders.

Appeals to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)

IAD is an independent tribunal that is formed under the Immigration & Refugee Board. They can hear appeals on immigration matters including residency obligations, removal orders and spouse/family member sponsorships.

Appeals for Judicial Review to the Federal Court

Refused immigration applications can be appealed to the Federal Court of Canada for a judicial review.

Challenging a negative decision of an immigration officer has to be done within a prescribed time frame and to invoke the Applicant’s right to appeal. Consulting with an immigration lawyer as soon as you obtain a negative decision can be beneficial as they are time sensitive.

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