Nova Scotia Nominee Program- NSNP

The Provincial Nominee Program of Nova Scotia is known as the Nova Scotia Nominee Program or NSNP.

It is designed to fill the skill gaps in the province of Nova Scotia with highly qualified and suitable applicants from around the world. The NSNP offers multiple immigration pathways for foreign nationals and has diverse qualifying criteria as per the occupations in demand. Applying for and obtaining the Provincial Nomination from Nova Scotia can substantiate your Express Entry Immigration application and fulfill the dreams of coming to live and work in Canada.

What are the different immigration categories under NSNP?

There are many diverse immigration categories that come under the NSNP and are suitable for professionals with different skillsets.

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream

This immigration stream enables those foreign professionals to apply whose occupation is in demand in the province of Nova Scotia. All applications are to be made in the online system of Express Entry.

Category A includes applicants who have a permanent full-time job offer from a Nova Scotia employer. This stream remains open for applications throughout the year.

Category B includes applicants who are having suitable experience in the specific occupations which are noted in the occupation list for the province. This immigration pathway opens and closes at different times throughout the year.

Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry stream

This Express Entry stream is meant explicitly for foreign national professionals who have experience of working in Nova Scotia in their profession or are already working in Nova Scotia.

Skilled Worker Stream

In the Skilled Worker stream, foreign national applicants who possess strong skillsets and language proficiency can apply, which significantly increases their chances of getting employed in the province of Nova Scotia. It includes professionals who may not presently possess any permanent job offer from a Nova Scotia employer.

Entrepreneur Stream

In the Entrepreneur stream, businesspeople from around the world can apply for immigration to Nova Scotia who wish to settle down and set up their business here.

International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

In this stream, new graduates who wish to continue working and living in Nova Scotia can apply for permanent residency.

Who can apply under NSNP?

Different immigration streams under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program have different eligibility criteria for selecting applicants. Some of the requirements are common amongst all which are outlined below:

  • Occupation should be in the ‘Jobs in demand list’
  • Age should be in the range of 18-49 years
  • Should demonstrate language proficiency in English or French
  • Possess relevant work experience of a minimum of one year
  • Possess educational qualifications equivalence to Canadian education
  • Demonstrate an intent to reside in Nova Scotia

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