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The adoption of a child is a beautiful moment in any family. In Canada, an adopted child is awarded equal status as that of the biological child. The adoption process is treated as absolute in all respects such as intestates or child support. Contact us for Bonding & Creating Families by Adoption.

What are the adoption rules in Canada for an adoptive parent?

The act of adopting a child comes with many legal implications apart from the emotional consequences for the child and the family. Different Canadian provinces have established a certain age of the applicant above which only any applicant can file an application for adopting a child. Since adoption is governed under provincial regulations, the eligibility and terms for the entire adoption process vary based on your province of residence.

Provinces also have different rules and regulations for different adoption sources such as public adoption, private or international child adoption. There are many kinds of adoption by source:

  • Adoption agencies in Canada
  • Adoption by a surrogacy contract
  • Adoption by a stepparent or second parent
  • Adoption by fertility treatments (such as sperm donation)

Legally, all adoptions need to be consistent with the Assisted Human Reproduction Act of Canada. Strong legal contracts and related agreements are also required to be in place for all adoption matters.


A Home study is a process done by every adoption parent applicant in which they have a detailed interview and application process. This home study process is conducted by a qualified social worker who also makes a home visit.

Once the adoptive parent has completed the above steps, they need to complete many background, police and reference checks. Though the home study process is mandated by all Canadian provinces, the process for each province is different.

Finally, the adoptive parents need to experience the adoption readiness training and preparation before they can go ahead and adopt the child.

What are the tentative expenses related to adoption?

Adoption is a process which can be done through many sources such as from public agencies, private organizations and even internationally. Other variables like the involvement of an agency, associated costs of travel, the specific province of residence are other factors which have a bearing on the adoption process. Public child welfare adoptions generally are less expensive than private adoptions.

What is the adoption process in Canada?

Generally, an adoption process can range from a period of 9 months to 9 years. Type of adoption, city or country of residence of the adoptive child and source of adoption are other factors which influence the adoption process.

If international adoption is happening, the specific adoption rules of that country also come into play as these rules vary. One instance is that same-sex couples can easily adopt a child in Canada while a few other countries may not allow the same.

Being more informed and aware of the entire adoption process can help to go through this process smoothly. Knowing the exact adoption guidelines of your province of residence can be a good first step.
Parental rights may also need to be given up in adoption cases where stepparent, sperm donors and surrogates are involved. Sperm donors may additionally desire complete protection from parental responsibility claims and future child support payments. In these situations, It is recommended to involve an experienced Family Law Lawyer to make sure that your legal rights and best interests of the child remain protected.

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