Express Entry - Immigrate to Canada Fast for Permanent Residence

Permanent Residence: Express Entry


Express Entry Visa Application – Immigrate to Canada

Express Entry is an application system for immigration to Canada. Potential applicants for permanent residency can submit their profiles into the online Express Entry system. Applicants are allocated points based on various selection criteria, and highest ranked applicants are invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Which immigration categories are covered in Express Entry?

  • Skilled Worker Program
  • Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Who Can Apply Under Express Entry?

Eligibility under the express entry is governed by the individual selection criteria of the immigration category under which the application is made. To know more, please see the pages below:

How does Express Entry function?

  • Foreign nationals wanting to apply for permanent residency in Canada complete their online profile on Express Entry system
  • Applicant profiles within express entry pool are ranked based on a points based system. Points are awarded based on various selection criteria like education, age, work experience and many more
  • Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) establishes a minimum points cut-off as a selection criterion
  • Top ranked applicants who meet the minimum cut-off gets invitation from IRCC to apply for permanent residency of Canada
  • Applicants invited to apply will have 60 days to submit their full application. Earlier this timeline was for 90 days to submit documents but has been changed recently.
  • Provinces in Canada also select candidates through Express Entry pool such as Ontario Human Capital stream. Provinces other than Ontario also select candidates from EE pool according to the criteria prescribed by the province.
  • Applications for permanent residency under Express Entry System are generally processed in within six to twelve months

How are points awarded in Express Entry?

Each applicant profile is awarded points based on specific selection criteria:

  • Education completed in any country except Canada
  • Education completed in a Canadian college or university gets additional points
  • Language proficiency in English or French, which are Canada’s official languages
  • Work experience and job skills
  • Age
  • Possession of a job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Spouse’s profile including their education, work experience and language abilities
  • Possession of provincial nomination