Land Transfer Tax

Land Transfer Tax

All purchasers of residential property in Ontario pay the Land Transfer Tax at the time of purchasing the property. On the closing day, when the deed of the new home is transferred to your name, your Real Estate Lawyer arranges for payment of appropriate Land Transfer Taxes.

Unless exempt under the Act, the Land Transfer tax is payable on all unregistered dispositions of beneficial interests in land including every conveyance of land presented for registration. Land includes buildings, lands, structures under construction, fully constructed structures, fixtures and any interest in them.

To calculate Land Transfer tax, the value of consideration includes the purchase price, all outstanding liabilities, benefits conferred and all cost of upgrades. To know more about the Land Transfer Tax for Ontario, click here.

Land Transfer Tax – Ontario Refund Rules for First‑Time Homebuyers

The Land transfer tax is applicable for land conveyances in Ontario. First‑time homebuyers may be eligible for full or partial refunds of the tax payable. Click here to know more.

Municipal Land Transfer Tax -City of Toronto

Municipal Land Transfer Tax is charged on all properties purchased in the City of Toronto after February 1, 2008. City of Toronto’s land transfer tax becomes payable if the purchased property is in the City of Toronto. Please click here to know more.

Harmonized Sales Tax

Newly constructed and renovated homes are subject to the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). Resale properties are exempt from payment of Harmonized Sales Tax. New home buyers can receive rebate of a certain portio of the HST if the intended property usage is for primary residence or for rental purposes, Click here know more.

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