Deportation, Removal Orders, or Re-Entry Approval

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Any person not lawfully allowed to stay in Canada can be deported or sent back to their country of residence. They have to leave once they receive a deportation order from the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. Re-entry to Canada is possible only when they have written approval from the Ministry.

Deportation Procedure?

A person may be deported from Canada due to various reasons. Canadian immigration authorities need relevant travel documents and confirmation of the country of residence to deport a person. It is recommended to show full-cooperation to the immigration authorities to make sure you are on the right side of the law. Legal compliance will allow you to return to Canada in the future lawfully.
The deportation criterion is different for the various categories of people such as:

Permanent residents

Permanent residents can be deported if the Canadian government has reason to believe that they pose security risks. Any serious offense committed in their country of residence also makes them liable to be deported. Lying on the immigration application or being convicted of any serious offense within Canada are also reasons for deportation.

If you are a permanent resident and have received a deportation order, you should get in touch with experienced immigration lawyers to resolve the situation immediately. Unresolved issues may escalate and make it difficult for you to reside as a permanent resident in Canada.

Foreign nationals

Once the authorized stay period expires, foreign nationals may be deported to their home countries in many circumstances. Non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the visit or stay extension without legal permission also makes them liable for being deported. Any foreign national found guilty of a criminal offense can also be deported.

People who have been denied refugee status

If the refugee claim is denied, then the refugee applicants will be asked to exit Canada. Abandoning their claim or withdrawing their application for refugee status also makes them liable to be deported from Canada. If you are a refugee claimant who has received a deportation order, you can get in touch with an experienced immigration lawyer to assist you in making an appeal or bringing a motion to the Federal Court.

Canadian citizens

Canadian citizens can be deported only in extreme circumstances. They can be extradited to another country if they are found accused or get convicted of any specific crimes in that country.

If you are a Canadian citizen, receiving a deportation order can make you lose your status too. You should connect with a skilled immigration lawyer to make sure that your criminal record gets back to normal as soon as possible.

Can I Come Back to Canada After Being Deported?

A person is liable to be deported from Canada when they breach the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Usually, Canadian immigration authorities disclose reasons for refusing entry at the time of making the refusal. The reasons can be many including medical issues, criminal admissibility, errors, or violations of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).

If you have been refused entry into Canada, you should contact a qualified immigration lawyer to resolve the issue as early as possible. Delaying any response or action here may cause you to lose your status to live in Canada.

Can I appeal against the removal order served to me?

You can appeal to delay or prevent a removal order which you have received. To prevent yourself from being deported, you will need to appeal the removal order received. In such time-sensitive circumstances, you should contact qualified immigration lawyers immediately. If you get deported from Canada, you have few options.

Getting Re-entry Approval to Canada

The Canadian government will see the reasons for deportation before allowing you to re-enter Canada. You will need to make a separate application to the immigration authorities that you have compelling reasons to re-enter Canada. You will need to show that you deserve to enter Canada, despite the circumstances of the deportation.

Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC)

An Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) may be made to the Canadian Embassy in your country. This will give you the approval to re-enter Canada after you get deported. The ARCs processing time can take several months.

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