Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

Quebec Immigration Nominee Program – Skilled Worker, Entrepreneur

The Quebec Skilled Worker immigration program is for the skilled foreign applicants who wish to reside in Montreal or any other area within the province of Quebec. The selection criteria for this provincially regulated program are different from the federally regulated immigration programs.

Quebec provincial nominee program is also known as the ‘Regular Skilled Worker Program’ and is administered by the Government of Quebec. Recently a new Expression of Interest System has been introduced by the immigration ministry of Quebec. Also known as the Déclaration d’intérêt system, this program has been introduced to simplify the immigration process.

This program is intermittently opened for new applications. Few persons can apply to this program at any time:

  • Cap-exempted applicants with a MIDI validated employment offer
  • Temporary residents of Quebec eligible to apply for a CSQ

The process of Mon Projet Québec

Applicants to the QSWP program need to use the Mon Projet Québec, to perform the specific activities:

  • Fill up and complete their application for a CSQ
  • Make online payments as required
  • Track the status of their application
  • Edit the application online
  • Receive status updates by electronic messaging

Eligibility Criteria for Quebec Skilled Worker

Successful applicants under this program are issued a Quebec Selection Certificate. This certificate is also known as Certificat de sélection du Québec or Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) and is issued by the Quebec immigration ministry. The last step is when the federal immigration ministry issues the Permanent Resident Visa (PR) to the successful applicant.

The selection factors for the QSWP program include:

  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Validated Job Offer
  • Area of Expertise and Training
  • Age
  • Language Proficiency
  • Stay in Quebec including relatives settled here
  • Spouse attributes
  • Dependent children accompanying the principal applicant
  • Financial condition and self-sufficiency

A single, unmarried applicant has to score a minimum of 50 points as per the selection factors as outlined. An applicant with spouse or common-law partner needs a minimum of 59 points.

Once an applicant successfully gets a score above the basic minimum threshold, they go through the medical and security clearance process by the federal government, to receive the PR visa.

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