Protected Person Application

As per the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), when refugee protection is conferred upon a person whose claim has been approved, they are known as protected persons.

How Can You Determine If You A Protected Person?

A protected person can apply for a letter of determination from the IRB or CIC. They include:

  • Foreign nationals who need protection as per the IRB;
  • Foreign nationals determined to be convention refugees by the IRB;
  • Foreign nationals who receive a positive Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (excluding persons covered under section 112(3) of the Act);
  • Foreign nationals who are members of the Humanitarian-Protected Persons Abroad classes;
  • Foreign nationals who are members of the Convention Refugees Abroad class.

Can a Protected Person Apply for Permanent Residency in Canada?

A protected person is eligible to apply for permanent residency. In some instances, you do not qualify if:

  • You are a Convention Refugee from another country, where it is possible for you to live permanently without any fear of potential persecution
  • You are a citizen, permanent resident of another country, where you can live without any fear of your safety or possible persecution, except the country of your residence which you left

Protected persons who become permanent residents or Canadian citizens can apply for a travel document without the need for a status document.

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