Long Term Disability Causes – Depression & Anxiety

Do you know that anxiety and depression are two of the most common forms of mental illnesses in Canada? As per the Canadian Mental Health Association, more than one in five Canadians are affected by atleast one kind of mental illness in their lives.

Many times, the individuals suffering from these mental disorders prefer not to seek medical attention due to lack of awareness and significant social stigma attached.

Depression and Anxiety Symptoms

There can be many symptoms of anxiety and depression. Have you noticed yourself being withdrawn from daily activities and having no interest in performing them? Interrupted sleep patterns, guilt about different things or feeling useless in relationships are also common symptoms. Being perpetually sad and uninterested in anything are also prime indicators that mental illness exists.

Many people may also feel restless for no reason, end up forgetting simple things or experience food disorders. Feelings of suicide can also crop up. It can be debilitating and end up affecting your daily life, work and relationships with your loved ones.

Depression is similar to chronic anxiety. Many people can suffer from both these disorders. Symptoms of anxiety include being scared, fearful, having a lack of focus and various phobias. A fear that danger is lurking and the consequent behavioral changes can trigger anxiety. It is also reflected in anxiety attacks. Pre-existing medical problems, a recent traumatic incident, and enhanced stress can also compound into anxiety. Work-related stress is also a common anxiety inducer today.

Feelings of failure to perform at work can affect people significantly, and it can result in anxiety attacks. Daily tasks at home and interpersonal relationships may become challenging to do when depression and anxiety crop up. Performing the job also can be severely impacted leading to loss of employment.

Nanda & Associate Lawyers stand by you to make sure that you receive the Long-Term Disability compensation when hit by anxiety or depression. We understand that these mental illnesses are more challenging to detect and treat as compared to other physically measurable illnesses or injuries. It has also been noticed that lack of proper approval, documentation, valid mental health claims are liable to be prematurely terminated.

Application Process for LTD Benefits

Once you submit your long-term disability claim arising from anxiety and depression to your insurance company, they start the review. They seek out references to confirm if you are precluded from working at your job due to the medical condition. To confirm the medical diagnosis, you will need to provide all the necessary documentary evidence and medical reports from your physician, psychologist or another health care professional.

The insurance company also reviews the duration and time period of medical care and matches it with the submitted medical records. Complete medical records of diagnosis and treatment are essential for making a claim. The company also checks the medical adequacy of the care imparted to you.

Your personal documentation is a vital element of your claim review process. They help document your fight with the mental disorders and support your claim. Emails, texts, and messages comprise a significant portion of the total evidence submitted. Your lifestyle and employment records are also reviewed when you make a long-term disability claim application.

Any error in documentation can prove to be costly. The insurance company executives look for simple errors and documentation mistakes to deny your claim. For example, if you happen to collect any non-sickness unemployment benefits, your LTD claim application can be rejected. Receipt of these benefits will imply that you are fit to work and are actively looking for a job. Social media accounts are also scrutinized by the insurance company to collect contradicting information.

How We Can Help

Professional assistance at this time can be particularly useful as you may find dealing with insurance companies quite complicated and stressful. It may become hard for you to manage on top of your existing mental issues.

We understand the challenges in making a strong claim as chronic pain is not a visible medical issue. It can be very upsetting when your claim is denied. In such a circumstance, it is vital to take charge and understand your options. We will make sure to present strong legal and documentary evidence for your case so that disability can be established to achieve favorable results.

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