Purchase and Sale of Farm Properties

Many farm properties and businesses are available for purchase across all Canadian provinces. Government aid is also available for farmers who can create competitive businesses with sustainable agriculture. With income support policies and quota systems available, there is immense interest in the sale and purchase of farm properties.

Foreign farmers also have the advantage of bringing in their overseas agricultural experience and skillsets which can be merged with the Canadian farming techniques to generate very profitable farming businesses.

Nature and Scope of Farming and Agri-Business Services

Farm property is considered as prime real estate for both agribusinesses and developers equally. If you have identified any property for purchase or are planning to sell your farm property, it is always recommended to obtain the assistance of a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer. The Lawyer will be able to help you navigate the complex landscape of farming law and all government regulations associated with it. Independent legal advice can help you maintain and protect your legal interests.

The services we provide in the field of farm property sale and purchase include:

  • Legal advice, drafting, and all support on the purchase and sale of farmland, farms, agribusiness, and its leases and agreements
  • Legal advice, drafting, and all support on Land Tenure, farm, and agri-business organization
  • All assistance and legal advice on farm and agri-business organizations including cooperatives, incorporations, and partnerships
  • Legal advice, drafting, and support on commodity marketing law, supply contracts, crop insurance, biotechnology, and organics law
  • Completion and closure of sale and purchase transactions of farm properties
  • Family farm corporations and Leasing
  • Tax planning and Succession planning
  • Analyzing, negotiating, drafting, and finalizing agreements of sale and purchase, letters of intent, and all its amendments
  • Legal advice on how to arrange finance for Vendor Take-Back Mortgages
  • Post-closing occupancy agreements
  • Farm Quota and Environmental issues
  • Right of way and Easements

Dispute Resolution in Farming and Agri-Business

When you consult the Commercial Real Estate Lawyer for the sale or purchase transaction, do make sure that the Lawyer has vast experience in farm, agribusiness transactions, farm business operations, and disputes.

When legal disputes occur, the preferred modes of resolving them are outlined below:

  • intergenerational transfers of farm and farmland operations and estate planning
  • Prioritizing the business and family needs equally by establishing corporations, trusts, and partnerships
  • Farm family separation and divorce issues

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