Commercial Disputes

Commercial Disputes Lawyer Mississauga

Commercial Disputes Lawyer Mississauga

In a situation where inter-relationships between businesses break down, is known as a commercial dispute. Reasons for the occurrence of a commercial dispute can be many including:

  • A dispute arising from non-payment of dues owed to the other party
  • Disagreements over terms of a lease agreement

With dynamic business scenarios and changing regulatory landscape, frequent occurrences of commercial disputes can be seen. They can be long-drawn and costly if proper legal counsel is not sought to resolve them, immediately after they occur.

Effective advocacy is done in commercial and business disputes to enhance positive results. Contact us for Commercial Disputes Lawyer Mississauga.

Nanda & Associate Lawyers possess extensive experience in corporate and commercial sectors including:

  • Contract claims,
  • Real estate and lease cases,
  • Shareholder disputes,
  • Director and Officer liability,
  • Business fraud,
  • Franchise and banking disputes.

The legal team at Nanda & Associate lawyer, are adept at representing clients in all stages of disputes including the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Subject matter and process knowledge are of paramount importance. Well-versed in contract law and other related laws, our team of lawyers always strives to deliver the best results for you.

The commercial disputes practice area includes:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Insolvency
  • Regulatory proceedings
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Cross-border disputes

Commercial Disputes Lawyer Brampton

Disputes can be resolved by litigation or other alternative strategies like arbitration and mediation. In certain instances, alternative dispute resolution methods can be faster and more effective.

In an increasingly complex world, our dedicated commercial litigation lawyers are ready to partner with you to resolve their disputes immediately. Understanding the client business and industry is critical in moving ahead and resolving the dispute. Contact us for Commercial Litigation Lawyer Brampton.

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