Temporary Resident Permits

Temporary Resident Permits (TRP) are short-term permits to stay in Canada. They are issued for foreign nationals in very specific circumstances.

The reason to enter Canada has to be demonstrated to the issuing officials who have the discretion to issue or abstain from issuing the Temporary resident permit.

Who is Eligible?

  • foreign nationals not qualified for rehabilitation and convicted of a criminal offence
  • foreign nationals has to demonstrate the compelling need to enter Canada for a short period of time

Key Features of Temporary Resident Permit

  • Normally issued for short time duration -weeks or months (duration can be one year as decided by the issuing officer
  • Enables criminally inadmissible foreign nationals with a valid reason to enter Canada on a temporary basis (the nature of their offence is also evaluated concerning the seriousness of the crime and the applicant behaviour)
  • The foreign nationals eligible to re-enter Canada must have a very low risk of indulging in any more offences while present in Canada
  • The temporary resident permit can be applied at multiple locations- at a Canadian visa office outside Canada, at a port of entry in an airport or any land border crossing (land border needs to be between the US and Canada)
  • Persons without criminal inadmissibility reasons are also eligible to apply for a TRV
    • a foreign national ordinarily not eligible for a visa
    • a foreign national not authorized to enter or remain in Canada
    • a foreign national with a compelling need to enter Canada and who is otherwise not eligible to enter Canada

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