Under this Caregiver program, foreign nationals living in Canada and providing home care for seniors or people with disabilities or child care are allowed to apply for permanent residency. In the revamped Caregiver program, a live-in arrangement will be possible, with the mutual agreement of both the employer and the caregiver. Also, the employer has to include the living assessment in the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) which is submitted to the IRCC. The employer cannot deduct any lodging and boarding expenses from the wages of the caregiver in this case.

Eligibility Criteria for Employer

Under this program, the employer factors include:

  • demonstrate an inability to fill the position by hiring a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident
  • Possess financial ability to pay the caregiver’s wages
  • Employer needs to provide reasonable living space in their house
  • Make a job offer to the caregiver either for caregiving for a child, senior, or a person with a disability

Under this program, there are three routes in which a caregiver can apply for permanent residence under this program:

  • Caring for children – a caregiver can apply in this category only if they have a minimum of two years experience in providing full-time child care in a home in Canada
  • Caregiving for people having high medical needs – a caregiver working in Canada can apply in this category if they have a minimum of two years working experience as a registered or licensed practical nurse, home support worker, orderly, nursing aide
  • Live-in Caregiver – a caregiver can apply in this category if they possess minimum two years of work experience in the living-in caregiver program in Canada

The route towards permanent residency for Caregivers is currently under review.

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