Your Permanent Resident Card

Maintaining Your PR Status

A Permanent Resident Card (PR Card) is proof of your Permanent Resident status in Canada. While entering into and exiting from Canada, you need to carry the PR Card with you every time.

As a permanent resident, you need to carry your passport and PR card for international travel. The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is not required for persons holding permanent residency in Canada.

Renewing Your Permanent Resident Card

The PR card is the only proof of your permanent residency in Canada. PR card is a mandatory document, along with passport, which is required for all international travel.

When entering Canada, the PR card is especially important and its absence can lead to substantial travel delays.

In case, you find that your PR card may expire when you are travelling outside Canada, it is advisable to get it renewed before you leave for the travel. Urgent renewal of the PR card is possible if you are planning a trip outside Canada.

The PR Card renewal has a specific process that needs to be followed. Maintaining a record of all international travel and time spent outside Canada can help in ensuring quicker processing of the PR Card. For certain categories of people their period of stay outside Canada can also be considered for the purpose of calculating residency period in Canada.

Permanent resident Card Stolen or Misplaced When Abroad

You may misplace or lose your PR Card when you are outside Canada. At the time of returning to Canada, you will need to apply for a travel document. Carrying the travel document is mandatory when you travel back into Canada.

Once you are back, you can apply to get your PR Card renewed. The renewal process may require sufficient proof of your residence in Canada, duration of your stay in Canada or any compassionate or humanitarian grounds may apply.

Intimation to the nearest Canadian Visa office has to be made immediately once the PR Card gets stolen, misplaced or lost. An online intimation to IRCC by their web form is also to be done before you can apply for another PR Card.

Permanent resident Card Stolen or Misplaced within Canada

A new PR card can be applied to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada as per their specified process and necessary fees.

It is vital to intimate IRCC of the theft, loss or misplacement of the PR Card immediately.

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