Long Term Disability Arising from Addiction

Are you suffering from dependence on any substance? If your addiction to the substance is growing uncontrollably, you may need assistance. Intense substance abuse or addiction can cause severe organ impairment or even be fatal for you. Contact us for Additional Disability Benefits.

Though its symptoms vary from person to person, excesses can lead you to extreme mental and physical distress. At this time, we can assist you to take steps towards a normal and healthy life.

Addiction – What is it?

As per Canadian Law, substance abuse is classified as a disability. The Ontario Human Rights Commission states that all forms of drug overuse, alcohol addiction or illicit drugs are all part of substance abuse. No one can legally discriminate on these grounds.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health reports that 20 percent of all Canadians have or will face an addiction problem. Ontario alone has addiction rates that are 1.5 times more than that of cancer. An affected person’s life can be cut short by 10-20 years.

LTD benefits for Addition or Substance Abuse Guidelines

Any addiction is recognized as an illness. When you are applying for a long-term disability originating from an addiction, refer to the specific provisions of the insurance policy. In a conventional group insurance policy, an addiction is an acceptable disabling condition. You will need to be compliant with the medical treatment and procedures recommended to participate in relevant drug or alcohol treatment programs.

If you have faced a denial of a long-term disability claim due to addiction, don’t be discouraged. Many people face rejections from their employer’s group disability policy or a private policy when they apply for alcohol, drug or gambling addictions.

In such circumstance, it is important to provide complete medical documentation, supporting evidence, doctor’s diagnosis of how the symptoms are affecting daily activities at home and work. Claim timelines should be followed to make sure the application is accepted for processing.

How We Can Help

It is recommended to speak to a long-term disability lawyer at Nanda & Associate Lawyers. We have skilled lawyers to support you in managing your case. They will be caring and compassionate at this time and make their best efforts to understand your needs.

Experienced long-term disability lawyers will partner you in your quest for recovery and leading a fulfilling life.

We will ensure that you are comfortable in interacting with our caring team who speak more than 15 languages including but not limited to English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Albanian, Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Bengali.

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