Fraud is a financial crime. It refers to a situation where the victim suffers a financial loss or loses an asset. The offender, in this case, is said to have committed dishonesty with an intent to defraud the victim.
Deliberate nondisclosure, antitrust violations, bribery, bankruptcy frauds, extortion, money laundering, breach of trust, securities violations, false pretences, impersonation, theft and forgery all come under the purview of Frauds.
In Canadian Criminal Code, fraud has multiple interpretations, and a full section has been dedicated to it. Its actual meaning has also been interpreted from a number of lawsuits filed in courts over the last decades. Its various facets include:

  • A situation in which one individual, defrauds another of their valuable assets by deceit, fraudulent means or falsehood
  • A case in which one individual is guilty of an indictable offence and asset value under the offence is more than five thousand dollars
  • A situation where the individual is guilty of the criminal offence and liable to maximum two years imprisonment
  • A situation where the individual is punishable on summary conviction in a case where the subject matter of asset is less than five thousand dollars

With the advent and rise of online banking transactions, business and shopping, the instances of Fraud are increasing across the world and Canada. The federal and provincial government is also stepping up their efforts and tightening the reins of all kinds of fraudulent activities and individuals.

In case you face fraud charges, time-consuming and stressful court proceedings in the Superior Court of Justice and Ontario Court of Justice will happen. A situation like also impacts your employment as employers usually have policies against hiring anyone with a fraud conviction. The possibility of the indictment is present even if you have been a party to the fraud crime.

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