Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC)

Do you wish to return to Canada after receiving a removal order? You can enter Canada but you would require an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC). The need for the ARC is dependent upon the kind of removal order you received.

ARC and Departure Order

  • ARC is not required in those cases where you exited Canada within 30 days of receiving a Departure Order. You must also have validated your departure at the port of exit with a Canadian immigration officer. Only a normal examination would be needed, and you will be able to re-enter Canada without the ARC.
  • ARC will need to be applied for if you failed to verify your departure at the time of leaving Canada on receiving the Departure Order. Also, if you took more than 30 days to leave after the Departure Order was issued, the Order must have become a Deportation Order automatically.

ARC and Exclusion Order

  • ARC will not be needed if an Exclusion Order was issued to you post which you exited Canada with a Certificate of Departure (IMM 0056B), more than 12 months back. A normal examination will be required at the port of entry at the time of re-entering Canada.
  • ARC will be needed if the misrepresentation was the basis for issuance of the Exclusion Order and the Exclusion Order enforcement took place less than two years ago.
  • ARC will be applied for if you wish to re-enter Canada within 12 months from the date of enforcement of the Exclusion Order. If you do not possess the Certificate of Departure, ARC will be needed as well.

ARC and Deportation Order

In the event of receiving a Deportation Order, ARC will mandatorily be applied if you wish to enter Canada again.

Factors Affecting ARC Application and Its Requirement

There are many factors which are considered by an immigration officer while assessing your application to re-enter Canada such as:

  • Kind of removal order and the reasons underlying for its issuance;
  • The probability of you repeating the behaviour which led the issuance of the removal order;
  • Time period since the order enforcement has taken place;
  • Your current situation which may impact the decision;
  • Your reason for wanting to re-enter Canada

It is advisable to consult experienced, and skilled Immigration Lawyers for ARC applications as incomplete and illegible applications have a high chance of being returned unprocessed.

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