Global Skills Strategy

Global Talent Stream Temporary Work Permit Visa

Global Skills Strategy program may be a good option for Canadian companies looking to hire highly skilled international talent.

Introduced in June 2017, the Global Skills Strategy is a program under which Canadian employers can attract highly skilled foreign talent into Canada. Canadian federal ministries have collaborated to develop and implement this Strategy to enable fast track entry of foreign skilled talent into Canada and benefit Canadian employers.

The program aims to increase the economic and social advantages of Canada in the world’s marketplace. Other program objectives include enhancing the attractiveness of Canada for global investment purposes and facilitating smoother entry of highly skilled professionals into Canada.

Global Skills Strategy initiatives include:

  • Exempting work permit requirements for foreign nationals seeking to enter Canada to work
  • Putting work permit for occupation needing high skilled workers on fast track processing
  • Enable LMIA process for specified occupations and employers under the Global Talent Stream

As an enabler of global mobility, the Global Skills Strategy includes:

  • Introduction of exempted work permits for short duration work in Canada
  • Introduction of fast-track two-week processing for work permits for specific high-skilled workers in the current International Mobility Program
  • Creating a focused service source for significant foreign investment brought to Canada by employers
  • Develop a separate Global Talent Stream for employers with occupations requiring unique skills and having labour shortage

Employers Requirements under the Global Talent Stream

  • Processing fees of CAD 1,000 per applicant
  • Collaborate with ESDC and develop a labour market benefits plan
  • Demonstrate their commitment to making a positive and substantial impression on the Canadian labour market

Once employers complete their requirements and supporting documentation, a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment is usually received from ESDC within 10 days. Work permit is issued by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada after receipt of the LMIA.

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