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British Columbia

Under British Columbia’s Provincial Nominee Program, foreign nationals with the requisite skills and experience can apply for and obtain the Provincial Nomination Certificate. Being awarded this certificate can mean faster processing timelines for their application for permanent residency in Canada.

Which Immigration Streams Come Under the BC PNP Program?

This Program includes two main streams of immigration as noted below:

BC PNP Skills Immigration (Including British Columbia Express Entry)

The BC PNP Skills Immigration Stream has different categories such as:

Skilled Worker – Under this category, persons who have many years of experience in their occupation are eligible to apply. They should also have a job offer from a Canadian employer.

International Graduate – Persons who have graduated from an eligible Canadian college or university in the last three years can apply under this immigration stream. They also need to apply for and obtain a job offer from a Canadian employer based in BC.

International Post-Graduate – Graduates from an eligible college or university situated in British Columbia can apply who have either a Masters or Doctoral degree. The field of study should have been natural, applied, or health sciences programs. Job offer is not needed under this stream.

Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker Category — Many workers living and working in British Columbia in the Northeast Development Region are eligible to apply under this program. They must be engaged in entry-level or semi-skilled jobs in industries like food processing, tourism or long-haul trucking.
Health Care Professional – Foreign nationals with requisite skillset and experience in the healthcare occupations of nurses, psychiatric nurses, physicians can apply. They need to possess a Canadian job offer, and the occupation must be amongst the list of 11 qualifying health occupations.

Express Entry British Columbia

British Columbia’s Express Entry program is in line with the Federal Government’s Express Entry immigration program. The BC Program enables the applicants to get faster processing of their PNP application and their application for permanent residence. The skill categories which can be processed under this program are listed below:

  • Skilled Worker Category
  • Health Care Professional Category
  • International Graduate Category
  • International Post-Graduate Category

Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS)

Recently, the BC Government released a new Skills based immigration stream under the BC PNP Program. This Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) system is based on points obtained by the candidates in many areas such as education level, work experience in years, BC employment offer and many more. The consolidated points are added up to get a registration score based on which they can receive invitations to apply.

Entrepreneur Immigration

Foreign nationals who wish to settle down and work, live and do business in British Columbia can apply under this Immigration program. They can apply for permanent residency in the two categories as listed below:

Entrepreneur – Business owners or senior managers wishing to establish a business in British Columbia may apply under this immigration stream.

Strategic Projects – Foreign companies can set up their offices in British Columbia, and they can also nominate a maximum of five key professionals in the technical and managerial field. The chosen professionals can then make an application for permanent residency in the province.

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