Support & Alimony


Support & Alimony

The Divorce Act outlines the spousal support rules for all married couples who divorce. This Divorce Act is federally regulated and applies across all Canadian provinces.

Married and common-law couples are eligible to receive and pay spousal support.

It is vital to receive and pay spousal support for many reasons including sharing of childcare costs, supporting a spouse and balancing out any disadvantage to any spouse resulting from ending of the relationship.

Child Support

Child support is every child’s legal right. It can be challenging for children to adjust to family life after the separation or divorce of parents.

When a couple separates or divorces, they have a responsibility to provide complete financial support to their children. They can negotiate and settle on the amount themselves, or the court can determine the payments for child support.

Child support guidelines are governed by the Divorce Act. They come under the purview of both federal and provincial or territorial law.

Financial Disclosure

All decisions regarding the child, spousal support, property division will be determined on the basis of the spouse’s respective incomes and the number of children. Financial disclosure becomes really important to make these decisions.

The complete financial disclosure highlights the respective spouses’ incomes, assets and liabilities on specified dates as per the individual marriage circumstances.


Whenever a court order or agreement provides for child or spousal support, it has to be paid.

The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) is the government agency governing the enforcement of all separation and divorce cases under the purview of Family Law.

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