Manitoba Canadian Provincial Nominee Program


Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Manitoba is called the Gateway to Western Canada as its located between the provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan. It has a predominantly agrarian and natural resources-based economy which is a huge contributor to Canada’s wealth.

Manitoba’s Provincial Nominee Program (MPTP) enables potential immigrants with the requisite skills and work experience to receive the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Certificate which fastens the permanent residence application process.

Which are the categories included in the MPNP?

Many streams are currently active, and many are in the process of being restructured. Below is their outline:

Skilled Workers Category

In the Skilled Worker category, there is an ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) process in which the eligible candidates first submit their profile into the EOI pool. A consolidated score is allocated to each candidate based on various parameters, who are then ranked. Highly ranked candidates are invited to apply under MPNP. Two streams are present under which you can apply for permanent residency in Manitoba as a Skilled Worker:

In this category, the temporary foreign workers and international student graduates working in Manitoba can apply for permanent residency. They need to be employed with a Manitoba employer in a permanent and full-time job or should have a valid job offer.

Two new pathways have been created in this stream which are scheduled to come into effect in late 2018; Employer Direct Recruitment and Manitoba Work Experience.

Skilled Worker Overseas

In this category, a points-based system is used to review candidates who are located outside Canada. Qualified skilled professionals from other countries are eligible to apply under this program who can

  • Showcase past education or employment in Manitoba,
  • Have friends and family living in the province
  • or received an invitation to apply under the MPNP
  • received a score above the minimum of 60 points based on language proficiency, work experience, educational qualifications, adaptability and age

Under this category, two new immigration pathways are expected to be announced in late 2018 with their own criteria. They are Human Capital and Manitoba Express Entry and scheduled to start accepting applications from December 2018.

Business Investor Category

Foreign nationals who are willing to settle down and do business in Manitoba can apply under this stream. An ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) concept is followed where applicants can apply, and the highly qualified candidates are invited to make applications for permanent residency in Manitoba.

Two new immigration streams are proposed under this Category which are the Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway and the International Education Stream.

a) Farm Investor Pathway
This pathway is a part of Manitoba’s Business Investor Stream. Eligible candidates need to have adequate farm or related farm business experience and sufficient capital to sustain themselves in Canada. Once they get approved for permanent residency, they can live and manage farms in Manitoba.

b) Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative
This is a community-driven immigration initiative under which eligible candidates can apply for permanent residency to Canada. Morden is a rural town situated 112 kilometres southwest to Winnipeg and is actively inviting new immigrants for select occupations. Potential applicants need to apply through the MPNP only.

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