Record Suspension

Maintaining Your PR Status

What Is A Record Suspension? Why Is Obtaining A Record Suspension Necessary?

A Record Suspension is an acknowledgement of sealing of a person’s criminal record. It is issued by the Parole Board of Canada. Receipt of a Record Suspension acknowledges your integration with the community and demonstration of law-abiding behavior over time despite previous convictions.

The Canadian Criminal Justice System values community safety and rehabilitation of past offenders. They acknowledge the positive changes demonstrated by them and seeks to forget their past record. The number of Record Suspensions recorded by the Parole Board of Canada has crossed 460,000.

Who Needs to Apply for A Record Suspension?

When you are travelling abroad, having a criminal record can prove to be a barrier. Many countries have a policy of not allowing entry of persons who have been convicted of criminal offences previously.
With a criminal record, vulnerable sector employment also proves to be totally out of bounds for them. Vulnerable sector employment are situations where a person would be interacting with elderly, persons with disabilities and children.

Persons with criminal records will also not be typically allowed to practice in licensed and registered professions. Permanent and temporary residents of Canada, having a criminal record can have many legal implications such as losing their residency status or even refusal of their application for Canadian citizenship.

Are There Any Restrictions for Issuance of Record Suspensions?

Certain guidelines and restrictions exist for the issuance of Record Suspensions. Five years is the minimum period for obtaining Record Suspensions. The minimum time-period increases to ten years for indictable convictions.

Record Suspensions are not allowed for persons convicted of sexual assault against children and who have been previously convicted more than three times with lengthy sentences for indictable convictions.

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