Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Commercial Litigation can be expensive and time-consuming for an organization. A corporation’s very existence can be at risk if it is not able to defend itself in case of a dispute. Our commercial litigation lawyer can help with just about every kind of business dispute in Toronto, Mississauga, and Brampton.

In this situation, experienced lawyers proficient in practice areas of contract law, disputes and commercial litigation can help. Nanda & Associate Lawyers have been partnering with clients for decades to help them manage legal situations skilfully.

Our service offerings in Corporate and Commercial Litigation include:

  • Arbitrations
  • Contract disputes
  • Director and officer, board and special committee issues
  • Governance issues
  • Corporate fraud cases
  • Real property litigation
  • Shareholder disputes and oppression claims

Commercial Litigation Lawyer Mississauga

With changing times, the nature of commercial and corporate crimes is undergoing a paradigm shift. Strategic advice and knowledgeable legal counsel is of primary importance to tackle these new-age crimes. Awareness and updated knowledge of the leading trends and corporate world activities are needed to navigate the complex nature of these disputes.

Whether you are facing a claim or have a need to start legal proceedings to protect your rights, Nanda & Associate Lawyers can competently support you. We understand the adverse impact; these commercial disputes can have on your business.

To resolve the dispute situation promptly and with the best possible outcomes, we use the tools of litigation avoidance, negotiation, and early extraction. Our lawyers develop litigation strategies with your support after gaining a detailed understanding of your business, its goals, risks, and objectives.

With skillful knowledge of business, legal, employment concerns, and risks, our proficient lawyers help you to identify, mitigate and manage all your possible business risks.

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