Trust Disputes

Trust Disputes can be challenging for you and your family members. The nature of issues involved in trust disputes can be fraught with uncertainty and a lot of stress.

If you are facing a trust dispute, it is vital to consult an experienced estate lawyer promptly to understand all your duties and obligations in the trust dispute. Doing this will also help you safeguard yourself, your loved ones, beneficiaries and your estate in a daunting process.

Knowledgeable Estate Litigation Lawyers at Nanda & Associates Lawyers can provide assistance and make sure that your legal interests and rights remain protected.

Types of Trust Disputes

In Ontario, there are many kinds of trust disputes including but not limited to:

  • Disputes between beneficiaries
  • Will interpretation
  • Estate items valuation
  • Executor’s compensation
  • Executor’s performance and management of the estate
  • Challenges to executor accounting
  • Trustee/Executor Disputes
  • Allegations of undue influence
  • Equitable Claims
  • Trust Interpretation

Replacement and Removal of Trustees/Executors

If you are in the midst of any situation as outlined above or are facing circumstances which may turn into a trust dispute, we can help. The necessary legal counsel and right guidance can help to ensure more favourable outcomes for you, your loved ones and your estate.

How We Can Help

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