Restoration of Status

Restoration of Status

Canadian Immigration Status Restoration – Study Permit, Work Permit, TRV

Many foreign nationals enter Canada to work, study, or visit. In such circumstances, they are granted temporary visas by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for a specific duration. If you came to Canada and now wish to extend your stay, you will need to make an application for ‘Restoration of Status.’ If your Immigration Status Restoration gets refused, you can discuss your options with skilled Immigration Lawyers to ensure favourable outcomes.

Basic Guidelines

Once the Temporary Resident Visa expires, the temporary resident has to exit Canada. If you wish to continue your stay in Canada, you will need to apply for Canada Immigration Status within 90 days from the last date of the Temporary Resident Visa.

Is Implied Status and Restoration of Status the same thing?

No. If you are in Canada and the approved Visa has not expired, you may apply for a new permit before it expires. In such a case, you are said to have implied status. If the last date of the Temporary Resident Visa has gone and you still wish to remain in Canada, you will need to apply for an Immigration Status Restoration.

Eligibility for Restoration of Status

You become eligible to apply for restoration of status in many circumstances including but not limited to:

  • Failure to adhere to study or work permit terms and conditions
  • Change in an approved institute of study, or program of study if you are on a study permit
  • Change in employer if you are on a work permit
  • Any act that makes visitor visa restoration mandatory

Application for Restoration of Status

You will need to make this application when you are in Canada along with complete documentation with valid reasons for the overstay. Once the application is submitted, you can remain in Canada but are not eligible to work or study. You can do so once you receive the approval on the application.

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