Immigration Cases

Immigration Cases

Immigration Cases

When your Canadian immigration application is refused, there are many options available to you. Are you struggling with a deportation, departure, or exclusion order that was received? Is your Canadian immigration application taking too much time to be processed? Were you or a loved one recently been detained by the Canadian government? We can help with any type of Immigration Cases.

At Nanda & Associate Lawyers, we can support you in resolving your immigration case.

Stay of Removal

If you are a non-citizen of Canada and have been served with a removal order, there are many options available to you. Every kind of removal order has an impact on you in different ways. If you received a deportation order, were arrested, or got an exclusion order, get in touch with us immediately. In all such situations, it is vital to take action immediately. Connect with us to know more about the legal remedy available to you for prompt resolution of the case.

Detention Review

If you are a non-citizen of Canada and have been detained by the Canadian Government, you can request for a detention review. The Canadian government may have detained you under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act due to many reasons, such as being found inadmissible to Canada.


If you applied for a Canadian immigration application and have been awaiting decision for years, Mandamus could be an option for you.
Mandamus is a legal remedy available that orders the Immigration law office to perform their duties correctly and immediately. It orders them to complete processing on the immigration application that they are obliged to do as per law.

What Are the Options Available to you?

If you are dealing with an immigration case, contact experienced and skilled Canadian immigration and refugee lawyers to act on your behalf. Taking an independent legal counsel can be beneficial to you. Our proficient Immigration lawyers can assist you in dealing with the situation favorably and helping in a quick resolution.

How We Can Help

Skilled and experienced Immigration Lawyers and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants(RCICs) at Nanda & Associate Lawyers will support you in all immigration cases.

Call us today to understand what options are available to you based on your specific circumstances. Get independent legal counsel where we help you on the journey to a better and secure future.

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