Canadian Refused Visa application Appeal, Re-Application

A successful visa application is the dream for a new chapter in Canada. Whether you applied for a work, study or visit visa, the application has many hopes and dreams pinned on it. Receiving a visa refusal notice in the mail can dash your hopes of the Canadian dream.

Though you may be feeling frustrated, a visa refusal is not the end. There are many options you can consider to reapply or appeal the visa refusal decision. For every visa application which is denied, there are three kinds of remedies available.


A Visa Appeal can be an option for you if you or your immigration lawyer feel that an incorrect decision was awarded by the immigration officer when they refused your visa application.

Under certain circumstances a negative decision of an immigration officer can be reviewed by the Federal Court of Canada by way of a Judicial Review. You will need to prove that the immigration officer acted unfairly or made an error in law to stand a fair chance.

Based on your location, there are certain deadlines which are applicable. If a decision to deny your visa was made by an officer inside Canada, an application for leave for judicial review must be filed within 15 days from the date of decision. For refusals made outside Canada, you will need to appeal within 60 days of the refusal.

Appeals can also be made to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD).

IAD hears four types of Appeals namely, sponsorship appeals, appeal from a removal order issued by an officer of the CBSA or IRB Immigration Division, Residency obligation Appeal, Minister’s appeal of an ID decision.


In many circumstances you can request a reconsideration on your visa application if the application was refused to incomplete information. In cases where the information provided was not correctly understood, a reconsideration can be requested.

It is advisable to submit all additional documents and information which was requested by the immigration officer in the visa refusal notice.


Once you review the reasons for your visa application refusal, discussing it with your immigration lawyer will help you understand if you should make a fresh application.

Many times, making a completely new application can give you an opportunity to submit all additional information. If your personal situation has changed, you can reapply.

Whatever may be the reason for your visa refusal, don’t get dejected. Reviewing your visa situation with your immigration lawyer can reveal many suitable options which can make that Canadian visa within reach.

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