Creditor and Debtor Rights


Does someone owe you money, or is someone claiming that you owe them money? If yes, then we can help. Nanda & Associate Lawyers has acted for debtors and creditors. Representing partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies and other busineses, we assist both debtors and creditors of the business. We also support associated parties who may be affected by the problems with the organization. It represents debtors and creditors in a wide-range of debtor-creditor matters including:

  • Commercial debt collection
  • Pre-and post-judgment remedies
  • Including pre-and post-judgment attachment,
  • Receiverships, writs of execution,
  • Bank and other levies,
  • Debtor examinations,
  • Enforcement and defense of judgments,
  • Alter ego liability,
  • Representing fraudulent conveyance actions
  • Debt restructurings and workout
  • Insolvency and pre-bankruptcy counsel to both creditors and financially distressed businesses.

Our knowledgeable attorneys have supported multiple clients in negotiating debt payment agreements, associated litigation and other bankruptcy cases as well. In the sphere of consumer protection, creditor and debtor right lawyers handled cases related to property repossession, payments litigation, distressed loans, liens, rental disagreements and wage garnishing cases. For debtors, our proficient lawyers perform the predetermined actions to manage financial situations and safeguard their rights. For creditors, we work at maximizing returns from accounts receivable and get all the documentation generated for that. Another area we manage is creditor and debtor rights in the sphere of business where the client’s rights are entangled in litigation. In the nature of financial rights issues, few areas it covers includes asset investigation, judgment enforcement, accounts receivable litigation or distressed loans.

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