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Civil Litigation lawsuits involve any dispute over property or financial assets and can include debt collection, real estate and property disputes, and any private dispute between people which does not involve the state or allegations of illegal conduct. Mississauga Civil Litigation Lawyers can help you with any disputes.

Civil litigation can be just simple debt collection or complex contractual disputes. The procedure in Civil Litigation is not user friendly and can be challenging to face on your own.

In times like this, having a skilled and qualified Civil Litigation lawyer by your side can ease your worries and make your case robust. We can also advocate having a settlement if that would be more suitable for the case.

At Nanda & Associate lawyers, we take care of all your Civil Litigation requirements to ensure the occurrence of the most successful outcomes. We can be your reliable partner in navigating the complex litigation landscape and resolve all the ingrained issues.

 Why Should You Choose Nanda & Associate Lawyers?

Professionally Certified

Professional Civil Litigation lawyers and attorneys comprise of our team who are all certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada. We stay aware and updated of all the latest legal rulings which reflects in our high-quality legal counsel.

Vast Experience

Established in 2003, Nanda & Associate Lawyers Professional Corporation has extensive legal experience. We have a consolidated legal experience of more than 100 years which significantly helps in legal insights and developing personalized legal plans for each of our clients.

Personalized attention

We understand that each client and their Civil Litigation case is unique. Our lawyers provide personalized and specialised service to each of our clients which are fully integrated with their needs and specific situation. We serve our clients in diverse languages including Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, French, Italian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

Comprehensive Legal Representation

Our full-service law firm caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from individuals to small businesses, large enterprises to government organizations. Our lawyers possess expertise in Civil Litigation and other associated legal practices like real estate law, business law, family law, immigration, personal injury, Wills and Estates. We will be able to help you with all your legal needs, including Civil Litigation.

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Civil Litigation Attorney

In Civil litigation law, businesses, individuals and other entities settle their disputes by going to court. These are private disputes filed by one party to seek money, damages or another remedy from the judge for the harm caused to them.

Civil Litigation cases do not have any criminal intent. A civil litigation matter usually involves tow parties. The plaintiff is the person filing the lawsuit while the party against whom the lawsuit has been filed is the defendant.

Our proficient lawyers have extensive civil litigation experience to provide quality legal counsel to our clients. They have represented individuals, businesses, government, government agencies, post-secondary institutions, professional associations, not-for-profit organizations, foundations in diverse matters.

Our skilled lawyers have appeared at Federal and Ontario Courts in the trial, appeal and motions. They have also appeared for clients in agencies, provincial and federal commissions and administrative tribunals. The practice areas include:
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