Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

An Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is required for all visa-exempt foreign nationals entering Canada by air. An eTA once issued is linked to a unique traveller’s passport electronically. The eTA will need to be applied for again if the passport is new. The validity of an eTA is till the person’s passport expires or up to five years, whichever event comes first. It allows the foreign national to enter Canada for up to six months at a time.

The eTA is required for entry into Canada. Having the eTA is not a guarantee that the foreign national will be allowed entry into Canada. On arriving at the Canadian airport, the border services officer checks the complete travel documentation such as passports and other associated documents. Once everything is in order and officer is convinced of the reason of your visit, you are granted entry into Canada.

Who requires an eTA?

You will need to apply for the eTA, before boarding the flight to Canada. The process of applying for the eTA is online. The eTA is not needed if you are planning to enter Canada by land or sea.

Below are the persons who require an eTA to enter Canada:

  • Visa-exempt foreign nationals
  • Permanent residents of the U.S. who have obtained the residency legally (they need to show a valid passport and Green Card)

Persons who may be eligible for eTA application:

  • Persons who are citizens of specific visa-required countries may require an eTA if entering Canada by air (If the entry is by land or sea, Visitor Visa would be needed, in place of eTA)

Persons who need other identification and not eTA:

  • Citizens of Canada and dual citizens require only valid Canadian passport
  • American-Canadians require either one of a valid US passport or a Canadian passport
  • Permanent residents of Canada require valid PR card or permanent resident travel document
  • Visa requiring foreign nation passport holders and stateless individuals

Persons exempt from eTA:

  • US citizens need valid US passport
  • Other categories of persons as mentioned in the eTA exceptions list

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