Professional liability

Professional liability is a situation where the victim is sought to be compensated for any damages suffered as a result of a professional’s error. In a professional liability case, there is a need to establish an error or mistake on the part of the professional which caused damage to another individual for the case to have any merit. Though the professional need not display top quality performance every time, it is essential to demonstrate that they took due care. Professional Liability is very different from disciplinary law, which seeks to take action against a professional who did not follow the code of conduct or legal ethics as expected from them. The nature of professional liability is extensive and includes professional standards breached, negligence, insufficient due diligence and much more. Each professional has to ensure a certain level of customer service for the service being performed. In today’s professional and business world, with consumer demands and allegations against professional performance rising, no professional can afford to take any consumer lightly. Any complacency cannot be tolerated. In case of any allegation, a professional’s integrity and livelihood are at stake. It is vital to ensure prompt and effective resolution of all the charges to provide a clean slate for you, your profession or your business. Established dentists, architects, directors and officers of companies, financial advisors, lawyers, media personnel, real estate agents and other professionals could have allegations levelled against them. These allegations can be followed by securities commission hearings, civil court hearings, insolvency litigation, criminal intent allegations and even disciplinary charges. Increasingly, the amount being awarded as damages is also on the rise. In such a scenario, you need a team of professional and knowledgeable group of lawyers by your side to help you fight back. At Nanda & Associate Lawyers, we assure you of a skilled team of multidisciplinary lawyers proficient in contract law, commercial law and disputes litigation experts to resolve your case.

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