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Parctice Area: Russian Speaking Immigration Lawyers
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Опытные Pусскоязычные иммиграционные юристы в Pайоне Торонто

Юридическая фирма Nanda & Associates предоставляет всевозможные услуги по всем вопросам иммиграции в Канаду.

Наши квалифицированные юристы имеют большой опыт в решении всех вопросов, связанных с иммиграцией в Канаду (рабочая виза,студенческая виза, переезд на постоянное место жительства, открытие бизнеса).

Нашими клиентами могут быть все желающие приехать в Канаду. Юристы фирмы Nanda & Associates сделают все возможное чтобы обеспечить наиболее успешные результаты и помочь вам успешно обосноваться и зарекомендовать себя в Канаде

Experienced Russian Speaking Immigration Lawyers in Greater Toronto Area

Nanda & Associates is your trusted firm for all your Canadian immigration law needs. Our skilled immigration lawyers have experience in handling all types of Canadian immigration matters.

Do you want to work, study, open a business in or permanently move to Canada? Our firm aids in all areas of immigration, and has been helping individuals, families and businesses establish themselves successfully in Canada.

It can be overwhelming with so many different immigration categories and extensive documentation to do. At Nanda & Associate lawyers, we take care of all your immigration and associated needs and requirements to ensure that the most successful outcomes occur. We can be your trusted partner in navigating the complex immigration landscape and resolve all the ingrained issues.

Ksenia Tchern

Ksenia Tchern (B.A., Hons., J.D., LL.M)

Phone: 905-364-3244 ext.232

Email: K.tchern@nanda.ca

Ksenia is an Associate Lawyer who practices exclusively in Immigration and Citizenship law. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts with Honors from York University, and earned her Juris Doctor from the University of Ottawa. She then went on to pursue her Master of Laws from the University of Puerto Rico, where she concentrated her thesis on the comparative analysis of Canadian and U.S. immigration policy.

Having worked for one of Canada’s top immigration firms, Ksenia brings a plethora of knowledge and skill to Nanda and Associates. She works with both corporate and individual clientele, and has experience in the following areas of Canadian immigration: LMIA, intracompany transfers, NAFTA, after-sales service agreements, express entry, family sponsorships, study permits, etc.,

Ksenia is passionate about immigration, and continuously strives to create great relations with her clients to achieve positive results. She volunteered as legal counsel for CARA, a pro-bono organization that provides legal assistance to women and children detained at immigration holding facilities who are seeking asylum in the U.S. In addition to English, Ksenia is fluent in Russian and conversational in Spanish. She enjoys travelling to new locations, latin dance, and spending time with her family and two dogs.

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