Stuart M. Ghan


Stuart M. Ghan

(Barrister and Solicitor)
Stuart M. Ghan

The main focus of Stuart M. Ghan’s practice is a personal injury and disability-related litigation. Stuart has experience with all forms of injury-related litigation which includes motor vehicle accidents, occupiers liability issues like trips and falls, and product liability issues such as injuries caused by defective products.

Stuart M. Ghan has been a lawyer since 1993 and has seen the life-changing impact injuries can have on people and their families and understands the need for personal attention each person needs to help them through what is a trying and difficult time.

Stuart M. Ghan has appeared before and enjoyed success before all levels of court, including the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court, and the Ontario Court of Appeal. Stuart spent over a decade working for insurance companies in Ontario and is familiar with how they work, how they manage claims, and how they assess claims. Stuart’s experience in how insurance companies approach negotiations along with a deep understanding of all relevant legislation and case law equips him to achieve large settlements so clients have the resources they need to reclaim their life.

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