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Jagmohan Singh Nanda
Jagmohan Singh Nanda
Barrister, Solicitor, and Notary Public
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
Vasim Shaikh
Vasim Shaikh
Immigration Consultant and Member of ICCRC

Nanda Law Firm, respected Canadian Immigration Lawyers & Licensed Immigration Consultants, are here to help you immigrate to Canada. With an excellent success rate, we have helped hundreds of families realize their dream to settle in Canada. Whether the client is a Professional Skilled Worker or a Business Entrepreneur/Investor our experienced immigration lawyers have handled cases from diverse realms. We believe in a personalized approach to every case and ensure all Canadian immigration requirements are met. Nanda Lawyers are your best bet to receive permanent resident status in Canada.

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The Nanda Difference

Our talented lawyers and consultants offer you professional guidance for immigrating to Canada. We undertake preliminary immigration assessment within one business day. Simple ‘Assessment Questionnaire’ analyses your suitability for Canadian immigration. We process your in-depth information to provide you with a precise eligibility assessment. If assessment is considered suitable, we proceed with the Canadian immigration process.

At Nanda & Associate Lawyers P.C we provide wide range of options to secure Canadian visa, including:

Immigration Law

Canada also provides potential immigrants with options to apply under Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). Certain provinces of Canada including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and the Yukon Territory provide immigration under special categories aimed at strategic occupations, students, and investors. We also provide services for Quebec immigration for various categories.

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Some Immigration Routes into Canada

Federal Skilled Worker Class – Canadian economy attracts the experienced and skilled foreign professionals. Skilled workers usually apply through point-based system. According to new criteria effective from January 2015, all Federal Skilled worker applications are also required to meet the criteria of Express Entry. However, this will not be a restriction as it is based on an applicant’s skills and therefore everyone can apply provided they have chances to meet the criteria of 67 points based on their education, work experience, language skills and other factors. Consult our lawyers to know if you meet Canadian immigration criteria under the federal skilled worker program.

Canadian Experience Class – Foreign students graduating in Canada or temporary foreign workers often have the right blend of skills necessary to be granted a visa under Canada experience class. They can successfully make the switch from temporary to permanent Canadian residents. These people are familiar with Canadian economy and culture. Knowledge of French or English along with work experience is necessary to apply. Effective January 1, 2015, CEC category is also subject to Express Entry criteria.

Intra – Company transfers/NAFTA/GATS: Canadian companies having their branches outside of Canada and intending to bring qualified professionals in Canada, may utilize this option to bring their employees. Foreign workers may have option to apply for Permanent residency if they qualify.

Family Class – Nanda & Associate Lawyers have helped families reunite with their loved ones. We understand the pain immigrant feels in leaving their families behind in their country of residence. Learn how you can sponsor your family members into Canada. Sponsor your wife, family or same sex partner into Canada under family class visa. Click here for more information on Family Class Sponsorship.

Business Class Investors – Are you an experienced businessman running or managing a business? If you intend to migrate to Canada based on the business management experience and investment, business visa category may be the best fit for you. Applicants need have net worth of minimum CAD$1.6 million through legal means and invest an amount of $800,000 in Canada. Funds invested are secure and will be refunded without any interest after five year period. Options for Non-refundable investment are also available. Let our experts assess you for the Investor program of Canada. Please email us at or call us at 905-405-0199 to book a free consultation today.
For more information:
Quebec Investor Program

Business Class Entrepreneurs – If you are an experienced entrepreneur ready to establish a business in Canada and migrate with your family, you may apply under Entrepreneur program. In order to apply applicants along with their spouse need to have net worth comprises of minimum $350,000 and invest in a business for a minimum of $150,000 depending on the proposed business project. Entrepreneur visas are conditional with a requirement to establish a business in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program – Certain provinces in Canada require persons who possess specific skills. As per the Provincial Nominee Program, education, skills and work experience are counted as per the specific province’s requirements and contribution to the economy and culture. In most provinces, to apply as a Skilled worker, job offer is required. However programs are also available for families, and non-job offer candidates. Provincial Nominee Program is a broad category and many applicants fall under this category as per different provinces. For more information on Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and Farmer’s Nominee Program click here:

Corporate Sponsorship by Employers – If you are an employer who is looking to fill a shortage of skilled workers by offering a job to a foreign worker then you fall under this category. A foreign worker can be employed permanently, temporarily or part-time. There are various steps involved in hiring a foreign worker. For more information click here.

Work Permit – A Work Permit is a document issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) that allows internationally trained professionals to work in Canada on a temporary basis. For more information and assistance on how to obtain a work permit click here.

Study Permit – Also known as a Student visa is a temporary visa which allows international students to enroll for studies in Canada. Canada ranks as one of the most sought after places for post-secondary education as it offers a truly global experience and wide opportunities to do well. For more information on how to apply for a Student Visa click here.


“Hi Vasim Thank you for forwarding the mail which came as positive news. Congratulations to you and your team at Nanda Lawyers who made my immigration process a success. Now we just need to hand over the passports directly to the Delhi Visa Office as mentioned in the mail. Thank you once again! Will get back to you for queries if any crop up.” – Addison

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