Five Things To Consider When Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

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Every year, Canada welcomes over 300,000 immigrants from all over the world. From refugee claim applicants to spousal sponsorships and skilled worker programs, there are over hundred pathways through which foreigners move to Canada.

But navigating the Canadian immigration laws can be difficult on your own. Therefore, many people opt to hire immigration lawyers to help increase their chances of success.

If you’re also looking to start a life in Canada, here are some tips for hiring an immigration lawyer that can help you find the right legal assistance. Make sure to know these five things you should consider when hiring an immigration lawyer in Toronto.

Costs and Fees of the Lawyer

While it’s true that no lawyer can give you a fixed fee or outcome prediction before a case, it’s possible for lawyers to provide you with an accurate estimate. Before hiring an immigration lawyer, ask them to provide you with a detailed estimate that entails their per-hour fees, costs of filing immigration appeals, and other legal costs.

Communication Skills

While every lawyer needs to be an effective communicator, it’s even more crucial for an immigration lawyer to have good communication skills. An immigration lawyer must be able to communicate effectively with you and help you communicate with the authorities wherever needed.

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Track Record of Success

Years of experience, area of expertise, and the ratio of past cases’ success are some of the most important factors to consider when hiring an immigration lawyer. So if there’s one tip to hiring an immigration lawyer, it’s that you must inquire about their previous success records and offer you testimonials of their past clients.

Be Wary of Empty Promises

Any lawyer that makes tall claims is probably a better salesman than an attorney. Make sure that your immigration lawyer is not making empty promises or trying to swoon you away with verbal flattery. Look for competence and not just pin hopes on a lawyer’s smooth talks.

Availability and Access to Information

A good immigration lawyer should be willing to accommodate you during their working hours and also allow access to your case file. This will showcase their dedication towards you and their willingness to help you better understand your case.

Hire Immigration Lawyers at Nanda

Now that you know what to look for in an immigration lawyer, get in touch with us at Nanda and Associate Lawyers. We help our clients with inland and outland spousal sponsorships, intra-company visa transfers, and refugee claims in Canada. Book an initial consultation here.

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