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Thousands of Quebec’s Foreign Students Now in Limbo

On November 5, 2019, students from all over the globe came to the National Assembly to tell the Coalition Avenir Québec government to let them stay. The government recently decided to apply stricter regulations to a program that fast tracks the immigration of individuals who recently graduated from post-secondary schools in Québec and who have stayed there on work permits. Those living in Québec under the promise of the Québec Experience Program (PEQ) now do not know what the future holds for them, their education or their careers. One of these individuals happens to be Jin Xing. The 36-year-old from China...

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What is a Letter of Invitation, and Do I Need One?

Invitation Letter For Canadian Immigration Process Visitor Visa Parents Sponsorship There are many different steps to the Canadian immigration process. It is important to understand these steps so that you can properly complete all requirements and increase your chances of a successful immigration application. A Letter of Invitation is one such step that can make or break your prospects for obtaining a visa. It is important to have the advice of an immigration lawyer if you are asked to provide this document. Call Nanda and Associates at (905) 405-0199. Our experienced Mississauga immigration lawyers have helped many foreign nationals obtain lawful...

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Facing Deportation? A Lawyer May Be Able to Help

Deportation Nanda Lawyers

Immigration Law is a field of Canadian law that is of great interest to many. The purpose of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act is to ensure that families are united. Families stay together when they successfully exercise their right to obtain lawful immigration status. Unfortunately, the complex immigration process can be overwhelming - especially for a foreign national who faces immigration challenges in Canada or overseas while seeking to gain immigration status. Foreign nationals and permanent residents who are found inadmissible may face extreme challenges of being removed from Canada. Too many Canadian families have suffered the heartbreak of...

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Entry/Exit Program

The Entry-Exit Program of the Government of Canada is used to collect and share information of all travelers entering and exiting Canada. Who Manages the Entry-Exit Program? The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) administers and manages the complete entry and exit information in their records. It gets recorded in the Global Case Management System (GCMS) and can be assessed only by the authorized personnel post their security clearance. They access the data based on their requirement to carry out the daily tasks. What Does IRCC Do with the Entry-Exit Program Information Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), requests and collects data from the GCMS...

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Know More About How You Can Be Selected in Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Diverse Selection Methods on Display at Express Entry PNPs Recent Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) selections have witnessed three selection approaches of Express Entry in different provinces. Though different provinces have used diverse approaches to shortlist Express Entry candidates for permanent residence, recent trend was entirely different. During November 2018, three different methods were adopted by Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.   Provincial Nomination Programs In various Provincial Nominee Programs, participating provinces and territories have different immigration streams in the federal Express Entry System. Three main economic immigration programs are managed by Express Entry – The Federal Skilled Trades, Federal Skilled Worker and the...

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How to Give Biometrics for Canada Visa Application Processing

In April 2018, the Canadian federal government announced a comprehensive biometrics collection plan for all entrants to Canada. Who Needs to Give Biometrics? As of December 31, 2018, individual applicants, from Asia, Asia Pacific, the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africas need to provide their biometrics if they apply for a visa or entry under below categories: Visitor visa A work or study permit (excluding U.S. Nationals) Permanent residence Refugee or asylum status. However, there are certain exemptions: Canadian citizens, citizenship applicants (including passport applicants), or existing permanent residents Visa-exempt nationals coming to Canada to visit only Children under the age of 14 Applicants...

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Dual Canadian Citizens – Make Sure Your Canadian Passport is Valid Before You Fly to Canada

Are you a dual Canadian citizen? If yes, then you will need a valid Canadian passport to come to Canada. As per the new entry rules for dual citizenship holders, just holding a non-Canadian passport will not be considered sufficient to board your flight to Canada. When you travel to Canada, you will need to carry the Canadian passport with you always. Know More About Travelling with A Valid Canadian Passport All dual Canadian citizens will need their Canadian passports for travel to Canada. Children are also not exceptions to this rule. The only exception to this rule would be for dual citizens who...

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Quebec reduces Immigration Numbers for 2019, increases tensions with Ottawa

Quebec recently announced plans to reduce the number of immigrants to be accepted in 2019, giving rise to tensions with Ottawa. This decision is in line with the promise made in the election campaign by Premier François Legault. 40,000 is the number of immigrants expected to be welcomed by the province. It is 24 per cent lesser than the number of immigrants who are supposed to enter Quebec by the end of 2018. It is setting up a collision course between the new Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) government and the Liberal government at the centre who have a meeting scheduled in December. Expected...

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Is Revoking Birthright Citizenship Ethical?

Canada has a birthright citizenship policy which classifies everyone born on Canadian soil as a Canadian citizen except in some cases. Recently, there has been much discussion about amending this policy. President Trump of the United States, recently announced that an executive order would be issued to remove automatic citizenship for children born on US soil. In Canada, members of the Conservative Party passed a motion to end birthright citizenship if they end up forming the government. It would apply to families where none of the parents is a permanent resident or citizen. Liberal MP Joe Peschisolido also supported a petition...

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Global Skills Strategy – Powering Canada’s Tech Growth

Canada’s technology companies are growing. One immigration stream is proving to be a catalyst. An innovation hub based in Toronto recently credited the Federal Government’s pilot program of Global Skills Strategy for helping Canadian companies reduce their skill gaps. MaRS Discovery District surveyed 100 plus technological companies in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) serving Canadian, US and International markets. Annual revenues of CAD 1million was the benchmark for the survey. Some significant numbers which emerged were: 2017 witnessed a 53% hike in international applicants over 2016 More than 45% of companies hired international staff in 2017 More than 35% companies hired foreign employees...

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