Five Popular Routes To Migrate To Canada

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As one of the leading countries welcoming immigrants and refugees, over 21 percent of Canada’s population is immigrants. In recent years, Canada has welcomed more immigrants than any other developed country through its various streams. And therefore, it’s one of the most sought-after destinations among those looking for a better life.

Moving to Canada might seem easy, considering the influx of immigrants in recent years. However, hiring a competent immigration lawyer and knowing the Canadian immigration routes are two of the most important steps that applicants cannot overlook.

If you’re looking to move to Canada and are seeking the service of an immigration lawyer, here’s everything to know about the popular Canadian immigration routes.

Express Entry

Express Entry is one of the most popular and mainstream programs among skilled foreign workers. Canada welcomes individuals with special skillsets, expertise, and educational backgrounds to come live in the country and contribute to its workforce. Every year, hundreds of immigrants and their families move to the country through this Canadian immigration route.

Family Immigration

Next up is family immigration. As a Canadian immigrant or Permanent Residence holder, you can sponsor your parents, spouse, and children to come to Canada. Many people living in Canada opt for inland spousal sponsorship, while some also help their families migrate to the country through outland sponsorships.

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Provincial Nominees

Another way to immigrate to Canada is through the provincial skilled worker’s program. Provinces such as Quebec and Nova Scotia nominate highly skilled immigrant workers to come and live in their territories if they fulfill the criteria. This program is also a popular Canadian immigration route among foreign nationals.

Startup Visa

If you’re starting a business in Canada and can create jobs, then you can opt for a startup visa. This allows foreign nationals to immigrate to Canada and contribute to its thriving economy while attaining PR for themselves.

Refugee and Asylum

Canada has one of the world’s largest refugee and asylum programs. In 2022 alone, the Canadian government intended to welcome over 400,000 refugees from volatile countries. Filing a refugee claim in Canada is fairly easy, and with competent legal assistance, you can also enter the country through this route.

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