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Estate Planing Tips for Common Law Partners in Ontario, Canada As per Statistics, the number of Canadians living as common-law partners, divorcing and remarrying is rising much more than before. In such circumstance, second time married or common-law couples have a diverse set of challenges as compared to one-time married couples. Estate planning in this situation can be quite complex. Recent surveys on Wills show that more than 50% of Canadians do not have a will. Dying and making a will are topics that most people do not like to discuss. But, it is one of the essential things to take care...

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The Basics re: a final Will and Testament

Do you have a final Will and Testament? Are you considering getting one? Do you know why having a Will is important, or why not having one can result in serious legal consequences? These are all important questions and we will try to address each one of the below. But first, let us understand what a final Will and Testament is… What is a Will? A Will is a written document which specifies your wishes and your expectations with respect to your estate (or everything you leave behind) upon your passing. Who should have a Will? A Will is a legal...

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The federal government announces revisions to tax plan

Earlier this month, we covered the Liberal Party of Canada’s new tax plan and outlined how the proposed changes could affect entrepreneurs and Ontario business lawyers. We also noted that Finance Minister Bill Morneau seemed open to revising the plan amid an uproar from business owners who feared their tax burdens would increase. In the weeks following that post, the Liberals stayed true to Morneau’s word and developed several revisions to the plan. Here’s what you need to know: Small business tax cut On Monday, October 16, Trudeau and Morneau appeared at a news conference in Stouffville, Ontario to announce revisions aimed at...

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