6 Benefits of Gaining Permanent Residency in Canada

a woman wearing the Canadian flag

Canada is one of the most developed countries among the first world nations. The country offers growth opportunities to individuals of every age group and is ahead of many nations in education, healthcare, and economic factors. It is a great country to raise a family, run a business, and live a safe and healthy life. The benefits of living in Canada get further amplified for those who attain a permanent residency. Here are some of the reasons that make applying for a Canadian PR card worthwhile.  

1. Business Opportunities

The booming economy of Canada makes it a favourable place for business investment. It attracts hundreds and thousands of business personnel around the world each year. Some of these businessmen are entrepreneurs, some private investors, and some run successful international business organizations. Once a business professional attains permanent residence, they can run their business much more smoothly and cut down on many operational costs.

2. Renewal Options

A permanent residency holder can get their status renewed every five years as many times as needed. If you fulfill the related requirements, you can stay in Canada for as long as you wish.

3. Union of the Family

Once you attain permanent residency, a spousal Sponsorship Attorney in Mississauga can help you unite with your foreign spouse and other family members. A spousal open work permit can also be attained with the help of these lawyers.

4. Free Quality Education

The children of permanent residence holders can also be educated for free in Canada till high school. Additionally, PR also brings down the cost of university education by a lot for a student.

5. Free Healthcare

The Canadian government also provides all of its citizens and permanent residents with premium healthcare facilities. PR holders can also avail public health insurance in any part of Canada.

an ER at a hospital6. The Peaceful Environment

The Global Peace Index rates Canada among the 20 most peaceful countries for its inhabitants. The crime rates are significantly lower than the global standards, making it an ideal place to enjoy family life.  

NANDA & Associate Lawyers has successfully immigrated many applicants via the federal skilled trades program and helped them reunite with their parents, spouse, and children in Canada within months. If you or any of your loved ones are seeking permanent residence in Canada, our firm can help make the application process convenient and successful.


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