Different Grounds for Divorce in Canada

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Divorces are common to occur in most first-world countries and can result from a variety of reasons. The procedure of divorcing a spouse can be simplified by attaining sufficient knowledge on the subject. When both parties disagree on the grounds of divorce, it might take longer for the process to conclude. With the help of the reliable Divorce lawyers at NANDA & Associate Lawyers, this procedure can be made less financially burdensome for both parties involved. Here are the grounds on which a spouse can file for a divorce while living in Canada.

1. Cruelty

Any behavior displayed by a spouse that makes them difficult to live with can be considered cruelty. This ground includes any emotional or physical victimization of a spouse by their partner. A spouse that regularly abuses their partner in public or private qualifies as “cruel.” When an individual is being physically abused by their spouse, they can take the help of Canadian police and various other legal authorities to shield themselves and their children from this behavior. A physically abusive spouse can face legal charges if domestic abuse charges are proven in a court of law. Persistent emotional abuse such as name-calling or degrading remarks also qualify as “cruel behavior” and offers the victim grounds to divorce their spouse with the help of a divorce lawyer.

2. Adultery

A spouse has the right to file for a divorce on the grounds of adulterous behavior by their partner. Establishing extra-marital relations and affairs is considered adultery under this clause. A divorce lawyer can help you acquire the custody of your children much more easily if adultery has been proven in court. Additionally, the spouse who commits adultery loses their grounds for negotiation both inside and outside the court of law during the divorce procedure.

3. Separation

Partners who’ve been living separately for at least one year can also file for divorce due to an unwillingness to cohabitate. These spouses can live in the same house and can still be considered “separated” as long as they do not share a bed and abstain from attending social gatherings as a couple.

A family getting separatedTake the help of divorce lawyers at NANDA & Associate Lawyers in Mississauga and make the process of divorcing your spouse the least stressful. We make sure our clients attain divorce on the conditions they prefer and help both parties reach an agreement on aspects such as child custody, alimony, and child support payments.  

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