The Process of Filing for a Divorce in Canada

Marital separation is an unfortunate incident that can put both parties under excess stress. Aside from the emotional problems, divorcing comes with many financial repercussions as well. The process of filing for a divorce can become all the more difficult in the absence of reliable legal aid by your side. A divorce lawyer can make the divorce process much easier. Here are the steps that need to be taken when going for a divorce in Canada.

  1. Finalize a mutual or partial decision to attain divorce from your spouse in Canada.
  2. Acquire the form required to file for a divorce via a divorce lawyer specified for your Canadian territory.
  3. Choose whether you wish to file for a fault or no-fault divorce. If filed as no-fault, a divorce can be attained after living separately for at least one year.
    When filing for a fault divorce, the filer must provide the judiciary system with proof of cruelty or adultery.
  4. When both the parties agree on the grounds for divorce, it is considered a consensual divorce, and only one divorce application needs to be submitted.
    When the spouses fail to agree on the reason for the separation, two applications need to be submitted, and the divorce is termed as non-consensual.
  5. For partners with children, both parties need to reach an agreement on parenting custody, child support, and various other responsibilities.
  6. With the help of a divorce lawyer, the partners then need to file for the divorce as per the requirements of the province they reside in.
  7. The Divorce Registry in Ottawawill then issue a clearance for the divorce.
  8. Once served with the divorce papers, a spouse has a 30 days period to agree or disagree with the decision and the terms of the divorce.
  9. Once the divorce papers have been signed and the related documents have been reviewed, a judge can issue a divorce order.

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