Understanding Different Types of Sponsorship Programs in Canada

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Canada emphasizes keeping families together and has several sponsorship programs for families, students, and refugees. You can sponsor your family or close family relatives through these programs and support them financially.

In this blog, we’ll discuss multiple sponsorship programs in Canada and how you can bring your loved one with you after your migration:

Family Sponsorship Programs In Canada

There are several kinds of sponsorships under the family sponsorship program:

  1. Sponsor adopted child or other family members or relatives
  2. Grandparent & parent sponsorship
  3. Sponsoring a dependent child
  4. Sponsoring conjugal partner
  5. Sponsoring common law partner
  6. Spousal sponsorship

Sponsoring A Spouse, Common Law, Or Conjugal Partner

If you intend to sponsor a conjugal, spouse, or common law partner, you must provide proof of the legitimacy of your relationship, and the sponsored person must be older than 18 years.

The program allows your family member to migrate to Canada and get permanent residence. However, you must commit to providing for basic needs and supporting that person financially.

Sponsoring An Adopted Child

You must complete the adoption and citizenship or immigration process before you bring your child to live with you in Canada if you’re adopting internationally. You should apply for permanent residency if you intend to sponsor them to stay with you so that the adopted child may be given citizenship directly. Moreover, there are various options for getting the child back to Canada if you choose a surrogate outside of Canada and the newborn is legally yours or your spouse or partner’s child.

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The Student Refugee Program

The SRP or Student Refugee Program is a one-of-a-kind program combining PSR (Private Sponsorship Refugee Admission) with opportunities for higher education and integration. The program supports over 130 students on 95 campuses. World University Service of Canada has a long-standing partnership as an official Sponsorship Agreement Holder with Refugees and Citizenship Canada. It enables the service to bring refugees to study in Canada as permanent residents.

Hire Experienced Immigration Lawyers In Canada To Sponsor Your Family

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Disclaimer: This article is only intended for educational purposes and shouldn’t be used as a substitute for legal advice.

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