Extending Your Work Permit in Canada: A How-To Guide

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If you find yourself in the exciting position of extending your work permit in Canada, make sure that the application process is flawless and doesn’t have any errors. The best way to ensure that the process isn’t delayed is by working with an immigration lawyer.

Applying online is the most convenient way to do so, and in this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps involved in securing an extension for your Canadian work permit. Read on till the end!

Gather The Necessary Resources

To kickstart your work permit extension journey, gather the required resources you’ll need for the application process. Make sure that you have a camera to create copies of your papers, and a debit or credit card to cover application fees.

Documents Required for Work Permit Extension

Proof of Payment: Before getting into the application process, you have to have proof of payment for the required fees. This is a necessary step, and without it, your application may not be considered.

Travel Documents: Your passport plays a major role in the application process. You must have your passport number, date of issue and expiration, name, date of birth, and the authoritative Canadian stamp made upon your arrival in Canada visible on your travel documents.

Current Immigration Document: Provide your current immigration document, which serves as proof of your legal status in Canada. This is important for the transition from your current permit to the extended one.

Marriage License or Certificate: If applicable, include your marriage license or certificate. This may be required for certain categories of work permits.

Letter of Employment: Depending on your circumstances, you may also need to provide a letter of employment. This document should outline your current job, responsibilities, and other relevant details.

Read and Research The Instruction Guide

Before filling out the application forms, take the time to read and thoroughly understand the instruction guide provided by the Canadian immigration authorities. This guide contains valuable information on the requirements, procedures, and any recent updates that may impact your application.

Fill Out The Forms

Once you have a solid understanding of the requirements, proceed to fill out the necessary forms accurately. Double-check all information to ensure there are no errors, as inaccuracies can lead to delays in processing your application.

Submit the Completed Forms Online

Create an online account on the official Canadian immigration website and submit the completed forms electronically. This online platform streamlines the application process, making it more efficient and accessible.

Pay Fees and Submit

Ensure that you pay the required fees promptly to avoid any delays in processing your application. The following are the typical fees associated with a work permit extension in Canada:

Work Permit Fee: The standard work permit fee is 155 CAD.

Open Work Permit Holder Fee: For an open work permit, an additional fee of 100 CAD may be required.

After Submitting Your Application

Once you have submitted your application, be patient as the immigration authorities review your case. During this waiting period, it’s essential to stay informed about the status of your application. Regularly check your online account for updates, and if necessary, be prepared to provide additional documentation if requested.

Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Hiring an immigration lawyer can significantly ease the process and increase the chances of a successful application. A lawyer with expertise in Canadian immigration law can guide you through the system, helping you avoid potential pitfalls and ensuring that all aspects of your application are in order.

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