Co-Parenting Tips for a Divorcee

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Co-Parenting after divorce is never easy. Recovering from a broken marriage and adjusting to a completely new lifestyle can be really difficult for you, your partner, and your children. Being a parent with this new arrangement might require some work and getting used to. Here are a few co-parenting tips to make this easier for you.

Put Aside Your Anger

It might be very difficult for you and your co-parent to set your anger aside, especially when it’s still early and you’re still coping with the separation. The best way to deal with this is to understand that the nature of the relationship has completely changed. Think of it as a completely new relationship.

Your Children are More Important Than Your Conflict

The relationship between two co-parents should be more about their children than about themselves. Keep reminding yourselves that your children are more important than the conflict between you two. A cooperative relationship between you and your co-parent will help your kids be secure and mentally healthy. It’ll also offer them stability.

Don’t Vent to Your Children

Make sure to vent your feeling somewhere else. Find a support system for yourself. Work on your healing. Although you might be close to your kids, make sure not to put your emotional baggage on them.  

Stay Child-Focused

Remind yourself that you’re doing this for your children. Make sure to remain child-focused and encourage your co-parent to do so as well.

A mother and a father holding hands of their childrenWork on Communication

Communicating with your ex could be tough. Try to make your communication with your ex consistent, purposeful, child-focused, and peaceful.

Be Polite

It might not be easy to talk to your ex but make sure you’re polite and respectful. Instead of ordering them around, make requests. Try to understand your co-parent and ask for their opinion. This will help you build a positive co-parenting relationship.

Listen Carefully

Just like any other relationship, listening to your co-parent is very important. Make sure you listen and understand what they’re trying to say and where they are coming from.

Be a Team

There’ll be a lot of decisions about your children that you’ll have to take with your co-parent. Make sure to handle this as a team. Work together to set the rules. Make sure that your kid knows that your co-parent supports you in your decision.

Set Consistent Rules

The rules shouldn’t have to be the same; however, make sure you both have the same disciplinary environment so that your kids can adjust easily and don’t have to go complete 180 degrees each time they come over.

Resolving Disagreements

Having disagreements is fine but not dealing with them the right way isn’t. Be respectful of your co-parent’s opinions. If you disagree with something, make sure to communicate it to your co-parent. Never discuss your disagreements in front of your kids. If you’re unable to resolve your disputes on your own, you might have to consider involving a third party like a therapist or a mediator.

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